Matthews stumps in Tunkhannock

“I feel we are seven to 10 points away,” Jim Matthews said Thursday afternoon. “There is plenty of time to turn it around.”

He added that the poll numbers will rise as more people are exposed to the campaign’s message.

Recent polls show that Matthews and gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann are behind by double-digits to the Democratic incumbent Gov. Ed Rendell/Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll team.

The courthouse was one stop in a tour that began in Erie County on Monday and will end in Bedford County today.

Wednesday was the first time that Matthews had visited the county. “I had no idea it was this beautiful,” he said.

During the day, he also stopped in Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna counties, where he met with civic organizations and residents.

While in Tunkhannock, he also toured several county offices in the courthouse.

The Montgomery County commissioner wasted no time criticizing the current administration, saying that Rendell is preventing Lt. Gov. Knoll from engaging him in an unscripted debate.

“I don’t have a chance to debate her,” he said.

Matthews also talked about the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, saying that it could respond better to disasters.

He described some of the damage he found along waterways in Susquehanna County as atrocious, and felt that PEMA could help by clearing debris from streams.

Matthews noted that the lieutenant governor has traditionally served as head of PEMA and he would like to see that agency more responsive.