Road condition worries woman


Like 3-4 feet in places, resident Shirley Byers declared Tuesday.

If not for the orange cones left straddling the soft shoulder of roadway and the two reflective signs heeding caution, she worries that an unsuspecting driver could literally drive right off the roadway.

Byers claims the latest early November rains brought erosive streams of rushing waters from the mountains down to the roadway with no place to escape.

Byers pointed out a nearby PennDOT sign that reads “no winter maintenance for the next 2 and 1/2 miles” and remarked that apparently we (residents) don’t get summer, spring, or fall maintenance either.

Byers said that she believes the problems began a few years ago when an undersized drainage pipe, just north of the troubled area, was installed.

“I’ve called PennDOT to find out what their plans are and either I don’t get a return phone call or they (representatives) tell me ‘there is no money,’” she explained.

“There are five people that live on this stretch and three of them are disabled. I’m afraid someone is going to really get hurt – let alone the damages occurring to our vehicles,” she added.

During a phone conversation Tuesday afternoon, Karen Dussinger, District 4 community relations officer, said that the road repairs were scheduled to start on Monday, Nov. 27, and wrap up today. As of Tuesday at 3 p.m., the work had not yet begun.