EF students inspired to write

EVANS FALLS – Second-grader Brian Rosiak has already written a story and on Tuesday he was inspired to write more when he met a published author.

Leslie Golding Mastroianni, author of Buying a Year, spoke with Brian and 17 other Evans Falls Elementary students in the library. Since September, the students have been studying how books are written.

“I think it’s important for them to see that an author is a real person,” school librarian Josh Pratt said. “They get to see this is something anyone can do.”

During the unit, the students learned grammar and spelling, wrote stories and submitted illustrations.

“They are writing stories at home. This is not something I asked them to do. This is something they started to do on their own,” Pratt said.

Fifteen students on Tuesday said that they want to write more stories.

“I wrote about my favorite sport and I just got a piece of notebook paper and started writing,” Brian said.

Brian’s story is a mystery that revolves around a missing football.

Another student, Rachel Johnson, said that writing a story is fun because, “you get to think.”

Mastroianni, 57, of Rohrsburg, was just as enthusiastic as the children.

“Authors love to talk about themselves and their work and they are very excited and if a child hears the excitement then they want to write,” she said. “A book isn’t just an object you hold in your hand. It represents a world view, hopes and dreams.”

The students Tuesday asked Mastroianni about her writing, her book, family and whether she has pets.

She explained to the children that at 25 she joined a writer’s group, which made her self-conscious, so she stopped writing.

Some 25 years later, Mastroianni said she decided to write again, thinking that it’s never too late to start.
In 2004, Mastroianni’s first book, Buying a Year, was published. “When you write you make an entire new world,” she said.