Gas leak causes school evacuation

FACTORYVILLE – A gas leak Monday, Mar. 19, at Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center prompted a 40-minute evacuation of around 630 students.

Around 1:30 p.m., school staff noticed a gas smell in the building and contacted school administration and 911.

Students and staff evacuated the building and waited in the parking lot for clearance to go back inside, Superintendent Robert Jurbala said.

Fire and emergency personnel discovered that gas leaked from a loosened fitting on a pipe outside the school building connected to a meter, Jurbala added.

The gas was shut off, the fitting was tightened and the leak ended.

“I want to compliment the administration for their promptness and the teachers and students because they acted swiftly and promptly,” Jurbala said, adding that he also thanks emergency personnel for their response.

Factoryville Fire and Ambulance and Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency responded to the incident.