School board takes stand against Act 1

TUNKHANNOCK - The Tunkhannock Area School Board Thursday adopted a resolution urging the repeal of the Act 1 property tax relief measure.

Superintendent Michael Healey said that the resolution, based on a measure passed by the Council Rock School District in Bucks County, will be sent to the area’s state representatives, governor’s office and the 501 school districts in the state.

He added that the resolution states that Act 1 doesn’t provide true property tax relief.

State Rep. Karen Boback, R-Harveys Lake, and State Rep. Sandra Major, R-Montrose, attended the meeting.

State Rep. Major said about the resolution that, “We’ll certainly look at it at and take it into consideration.”

Following the meeting, the School Board met with both legislators in executive session, citing litigation as a reason. An explanation was not provided, but Healey said that they wouldn’t be taking a vote at the end of the session.

During previous meetings, board members have expressed their displeasure with Act 1, including President Paul Spangenberg who said he didn’t agree with the measure.

Earlier this month they did approve an Act 1 statement to go on the May ballot asking voters to accept an increase of .7 in the earned income tax as a means of providing property tax relief.

However, they did so in protest because board members felt they were mandated by the state to do something they’d rather not.

In other business Thursday, the board returned graduation to June 5. Last week, the board had changed graduation to June 8 based on a proposal made by TAHS students Melissa Charles, Christine Leber and Angelica Evans on behalf of the graduating class.

Healey said that the students requested that graduation be returned to its original date, following last week’s meeting.

Evans said that many of her classmates asked that graduation be returned to June 5.

Snow days will now be made up on April 4, 5 and 10, instead of at the end of the school year.

The board Thursday also adopted a 2007-08 school calendar, which calls for school to begin on Aug. 28.

It also adopted new general athletic/extra-curricular activities rules that require students to pass all core subjects to be eligible to participate in the subsequent week of activities.

Also, the board listened to Charley Ruddell, a ninth-grade TAHS student who proposed to create a movie about drug and alcohol prevention for an Eagle Scout project. Ruddell, who asked for the board’s approval, said that he plans to distribute the file to the elementary and middle schools.
The board said that it would review his proposal.

The board also appointed Jennie Watson as an aide, Marcia Vaskas and Dawn Kiefer as custodians.

Martha Hadley, Kevin Grebeck, Susan Petrokas, Mary Anne Kania, Angela Cline, Lori King, Estela Zuniga, Roy Veety, Linda Veety, Amy Griffiths and Dana Pratt were appointed as volunteers.

The resignations of Robert Doane, a custodian, and Barbara Hoyt, a cook/baker, were also accepted.