Clinton, McCain carry county

Roughly 69 percent of Democrats cast their votes for U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., over Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

The 2,407 votes she unofficially received eclipsed a record that had been held in the county by Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 when he attracted the attention of 1,530 Democrats.

On the Republican side, the presumptive GOP nominee received just 63 percent of GOP voters in the county, with Ron Paul getting 17 percent of the vote and Mike Huckabee 14 percent.

The surprise, in some people’s minds was that Dan Meuser, who had the allegiance of many GOP officials in the county, including Russ Gunton and most of the folks holding county row offices, only won the county by one vote, but was defeated across the 14-county district by around 3,000 to Chris Hackett, who now will face U.S. Rep. Chris Carney, D-Dimock.

On election night, Meuser’s margin of victory was seven votes but that changed as absentees and three provisional votes have been factored in.

State Rep. Karen Boback fought back a challenge from James May, beating him by just 63 votes in the county. She now will face Russ Bigus, who won the Democratic primary.

Elections director Flo Ball said the turnout was about what she expected with the intense interest by Democrats in the president’s race and Republicans in the congressional race.

The vote totals are unofficial, and do not include any late military absentee ballots. An official certified tall will take place on May 8, Ball said.


President of the United States
Barack Obama 1,120
Hillary Clinton 2,488

Attorney General
John M. Morganelli 2,543

Auditor General
Jack Wagner 2,572

State Treasurer
John F. Cordisco 541
Robert McCord 1,060
Dennis Morrison-Wesley 183
Jennifer L. Mann 1,072

Representative in Congress (10th District)
Christopher P. Carney 2,996

Representative in General Assembly (111th District)
Sandra Major 5 write-ins

Representative in General Assembly (114th District)
Jim Wansacz 150

Representative in General Assembly (117th District)
Russ Bigus 692

Delegate to Democratic National Convention (elect 2 male, 2 female)
Mary Lou Baldys (F, O) 988
Mark Bufalino (M, C) 1,937
Jesse A. Salazar (M, O) 890
John S. Hoffman (M, C) 1,857
Michael Meachem (M, O) 891
Maryjane M. Strub (F, O) 947
Mary Kate Culkin (F, C) 1,981
Ann M. Buris (F, C) 1,866

Alternate Delegate to Democratic National Convention
Julie P. Brennan (F, C) 2,251
Martha L. Walker (F, O) 1,027


President of the United States
Ron Paul 685
John McCain 2,612
Mike Huckabee 573

Attorney General
Tom Corbett 3,540

Auditor General
Chet Beiler 3,312

State Treasurer
Tom Ellis 3,373

Representative in Congress (10th District)
Chris Hackett 1,930
Dan Meuser 1,931

Representative in General Assembly (111th District)
Sandra J. Major 2,586

Representative in General Assembly (114th District)
Jim Wansacz 16 write-ins

Representative in General Assembly (117th District)
James May 629
Karen Boback 692

Delegate to Republican National Convention (elect 3)
Tina Pickett 2,335
Steve Gresh 924
Jonathan T. Tallman 605
Brian S. Webbe 532
Cathie Maxaner 616
Charles D. Rusty Flack Jr. 659
William R. Allred 453
Merle H. Phillips 545
Bob Longenecker 589
Marland Canella 896
Pat Saylor 1,009

Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention (elect 3)
Charles D. Rusty Flack Jr. 2,978

Member of Republican State Committee
Kimberly G. Skumanick 3,402

Local Republican Party committee officials will also be elected in each election district. Only those districts where a candidate’s name is printed on the ballot are listed below.

Clinton Twp.
William P. Eggleston 153

Eaton Twp. .
Richard B. Harding 231

Falls Twp. #1.
Eugene Dziak 112

Falls Twp. #2: .
Russell O. Gunton 124

Lemon Twp.: .
Robert R. Spencer 154

Monroe Twp. .
Leon C. Sidorek 231

Nicholson Twp. .
William A. LaCoe III 147

Northmoreland Twp. .
William R. Weidner 242

Noxen Twp. .
Harold R. Harding 119

Tunkhannock Boro W2.
George P. Skumanick Jr. 96

Tunkhannock Twp. #1:
Dennis L. Montross 334

Windham Twp. .
James D. Cruver. 112

Eaton Twp. .
Jeanmarie Harding 225

Falls Twp. #1.
Shirley Dziak 106

Falls Twp. #2.
Patricia A. Gunton 121

Lemon Twp. .
Eileen J. Spencer 158

Monroe Twp. .
Patricia A. Race 238

Nicholson Twp. .
Irene M. Damiano 142

Northmoreland Twp.
Sheila J. Weidner 248

Noxen Twp. .
Judith A. Harding 112

Tunkhannock Boro W2.
Kimberly G. Skumanick 66
Deborah Albert-Heise 56

Tunkhannock Twp. #1
Paulette A. Burnside 316

Tunkhannock Twp. #2.
Margaret L. Krause 197

Windham Twp. .
Evelyn R. Cruver 113