BREAKING NEWS: Voters make their choices

Wyoming County joined the rest of the Commonwealth last Tuesday, Apr. 24, in casting its presidential preferences and other lesser races.

Roughly 51.3 percent of Republicans cast their votes for Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, 22.6 percent for former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, 16 percent for Ron Paul and 9.1 percent for Newt Gingrich.

President Barack Obama was unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

The most contested race on the GOP ballot had Tom Smith with 33.7 percent of the vote edging out Sam Rohrer with 32.9 percent in a field of five.

John Maher also had a 2-1 edge over Frank Pinto for the GOP nod for auditor general.

On the Democratic side, Bill Vinsko with 59.4 percent of the vote knocked off Gene Stilp with 38.1 percent, but Stilp amassed a majority across the district to gain the nod to oppose Republican incumbent Lou Barletta who ran unopposed.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. with 89.3 percent of the vote knocked off Joseph Vodvarka with 9.9 percent.

For attorney general, Kathleen Kane with 78.1 percent of the vote knocked off Patrick Murphy with 21.6 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Reps. Sandra Major, R-111th, Sid Michaels Kavulich, D-114th, and Karen Boback, R-117th, all ran unopposed on their respective party ballots.

Major will be opposed by Jeffrey Dahlander who was unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

Voting was light across the county with only 20.5 percent of Democrats and 33.3 percent of Republicans bothering to vote in the primary. Unofficial results:


President of the U.S.

Mitt Romney 1,547

Rick Santorum 681

Ron Paul 482

Newt Gingrich 275


U.S. Senator

Tom Smith 961

Sam Rohrer 938

Steven Welch 539

David Christian 304

Marc Scaringi 102


Attorney General

David Freed 2,459


Auditor General

John Maher 1,711

Frank Pinto 863


State Treasurer

Diana Vaughn 2,458


U.S. Congress, 11th District

Lou Barletta 2,668


State Rep., 111th District

Sandra Major 1,940


State Rep., 117th District

Karen Boback 849


Delegate to Natl Convention

(Vote for 3)

Kathy Evans 1,090

Scott Henry 873

Donald Ely 718

Michael Anderson 593

Debra Etzweiler 584

Michael Harrison 534

William Urbanski 346

Jeff Piccola 344

Randolph McPherson 323

Lowman Henry 292

Jeff Haste 285

John Gordner 273

Joseph Zapach 261

Evan Reichley 132

Jeffrey Cusat 122


Alt. Delegate to Natl Conv.

(Vote for 3)

Holly Anderson 1,665

Scott Henry 1,493

John Rodgers 1,136

Sean Shamany 794



Clinton Twp

William Eggleston 134

Exeter Twp.

Richard Wilbur 42

Falls Twp. #1

Eugene Dziak Jr. 86

Falls Twp. #2

Russell Gunton 108

Lemon Twp.

Robert Spencer 124

Monroe Twp.

Leon Sidorek 171

Northmoreland Twp.

William Weidner 166

Noxen Twp.

Harold harding 70

Tunkhannock Boro #1

Russell Ritz 30

Tunkhannock Twp. #2

Wayne Krause 170



Clinton Twp.

Beryl Clark 130

Falls Twp. #1

Rebecca Dziak 84

Falls Twp. #2

Patricia Gunton 102

Lemon Twp.

Eileen Spencer 126

Northmoreland Twp.

Sheila Weidner 166

Noxen Twp.

Judith Harding 78

Tunkhannock Boro #1

Sandra Ritz 32

Tunkhannock Boro #4

Sylvia Repsher 65

Tunkhannock Twp. #1

Michelle Kitchnefsky 261

Tunkhannock Twp. #2

Margaret Krause 172

Washington Twp.

Molly Sayre 157



President of the U.S.

Barack Obama 932


U.S. Senator

Bob Casey Jr. 1,029

Joseph Vodvarka 114


Attorney General

Kathleen kane 905

Patrick Murphy 250


Auditor General

Eugene Depasquale 896


State Treasurer

Robert McCord 885


U.S. Congress, 11th District

Bill Vinsko 621

Gene Stilp 399


State Rep., 111th District

Jeffrey Dahlander 621


State Rep., 114th District

Sid Michaels Kavulich 46


Delegate to Natl Convention

(Vote for 7)

Diane Bowman 862

Amy Putnam 846

Helen Spence 826

David Gliddon 770

Michael Pratt 759

Irwin Aronson 720

George Hartwick III 707