Traveny named deputy jail warden


Wyoming County Press Examiner

A new job description for a deputy warden of the Wyoming County Correctional Facility was  created Monday by the Wyoming County Prison Board, and a candidate was chosen for the position.

Board member and Wyoming County Public Defender Deborah Albert-Heise made a motion, after the board returned from an executive session, that a position be created for deputy warden, and that the former lieutenant position be eliminated.

“In respect to a candidate, should this position be created, the board intends to offer the position” to Gordon L. Traveny Jr. of Falls, Albert-Heise said.

Traveny is presently employed as a corrections officer at the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility, where he has worked for seven years.

Traveny was among the top three candidates for the position of warden, and was described as a “very, very strong candidate” by Commissioner Tom Henry.

The salary for the position is still under consideration by the salary board, and if approved should be $42,000 per year with benefits. The warden’s salary was reported at $55,000 per year.

Former Lieutenant Janet Howell recently retired.

According to Solicitor James E. Davis, the change from Lieutenant to Deputy is not a renaming of the same position, but a creation of a different position and job description.

Linda Stackman will continue to serve as warden’s assistant, and other positions remain unchanged.

The warden reported that the jail was full and said that “the females are doing okay.”