Lazybrook lightshow set to impress again

Lazy Lights 014

Thomas Daniels, left, and Alex Nole work to string tens of thousands of lights up in Lazybrook Park. This year will be the second annual lightshow at the park, a dazzling display offering free entry and a cup of cocoa. STAFF PHOTO/MICHAEL WINTERMUTE

Lazy Lights 014



Wyoming County Press Examiner

Starting last Christmas season, Lazybrook Park organized an annual hometown lightshow through the grounds, leading visitors through Tunkhannock’s own winter wonderland.

This season the show is back in action and better than ever.

Alex Nole, who graduated from Tunkhannock in May to begin his collegiate career at Lock Haven University, said the show went very well last season.

“It’s really up to the community to come out,” Nole said.

Lazybrook will open up to visitors officially on Dec. 16 and run every night until Dec. 28, aside from Christmas night.

The ‘lightshow’ consists of tens of thousands of lights draped throughout the park in a truly dazzling display.

The trail, just under a half-mile long, will offer different access this year.

Last year, it was essentially only open for an evening stroll through the park, but this season, the park will allow vehicles to make a quick spin through.

“We made the change to encourage older people to come out despite the cold weather,” Nole said.

Nole also noted that the park plans on getting the Steering Committee involved to offer hot chocolate and cider, icing on the cake of a true holiday excursion.

“Everything went really well last year and we had a good turnout. I think it really put people in the Christmas spirit,” Nole said.

Much of the funding for this year’s project comes from last year’s fundraising efforts.

Although the display is free, donations are accepted at the gates of the park.

Bennie’s Nursery, a tree farm outside of Tunkhannock, assists the group in ordering lights at a very affordable price.

Veto Barziloski, Jr., Tunkhannock Twp. chairman, runs Bennie’s with his brother and father. He has high hopes for this year’s display.

“The guys from the park have kind of taken it upon themselves and they’re doing a great job,” Barziloski said. “They did a really nice job last year and this year’s going to be a bit bigger.”

Last year, the park raised more than $1,000 which, combined with donations of lights from community members, covered the cost of the project.

The project started last year due to encouragement from Tunkhannock Twp. and community members who donated lights.

From there, a group of Tunkhannock seniors put the time in to make it happen.

Nole returned during college break to assist Thomas Daniels along with Reece and Carson Ayers.